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Stem Cell Therapy and Medicare coverage for it

Those who are looking forward to get enrolled in some Medicare plan and are suffering from some chronic pain regarding arthiritis are often found asking the same question, that is, is stem cell therapy covered by Medicare?

Before we get to answer this question, let us first know what stem cell therapy is for those who are new to it. You might have heard the term Arthiritis somewhere before, and if not then here we are to tell you that arthiritis is a medical ailment where the major joints of the body and the spine are affected by this diseases. There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis and fortunate there are remedies for it as well. The pain of arthiritis can give your body a certain stiffness, edema or even decreased motion and based on the severity of pain it is categorized into, mild, moderate or severe one.

To treat the pain of arthiritis, one of the most common procedures is to inject the stem cells directly and locally to the point where pain is extreme. For example if a person has severe pain in the heel joint, the stem cells are injected directly to the heel. The stem cells are the cells that are formed in the body with birth. The injecting of the stem cells help then enter the body and help regenerate the cells that are effected. These cells have the ability to change, develop and grow into other cells as well. This injection of the stem cells to a specific joint helps the cells and tissues on that specific area to repair themselves naturally and this technique is far better than the other surgical ones as it’s just an injection that helps the body repair and regrow.

Now coming back to the major question that we had in the very beginning, does Medicare facilitate the beneficiaries with the stem cell injections? Alas the answer is in negation as the FDA has not yet approved this medical treatment and without the approval from FDA the companies cannot offer the insurance in any way. But the chances are that the approval is not so long and FDA is going to bless people with it as well. Remember even with the approval with FDA, you still have to pay 20% of the fee and treatment charges for the stem cell therapy for joints pain.

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