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10 Most Essential Things You Can Buy for Your Bike This Christmas

A bike is not just a vehicle you own, it is like a friend. Bike riding is a passion you cherish. It therefore is one of your most prized possessions that you flaunt with pride. If you are looking to make your bike safe and attractive this Christmas, read ahead to know how you can do so. Listed below are some great ideas for revamping your bike.

Things to get for your bike this Christmas

  1. Insurance cover: There is no alternative to insuring your bike. A third-party insurance plan is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, if your bike is new and expensive, a third party insurance plan may not be suitable. Get a good, comprehensive plan instead. If you feel your existing bike insurance policy is not up to the mark, change it during renewal. Assess your insurance requirements and get the most suitable cover this Christmas.
  2. Some add-on covers: You may need some riders along with your bike insurance policy. If your bike is precious to you, get some suitable riders that offer the scope for some personalization. This will be a great Christmas present for your vehicle.
  3. Safety devices: Bikes are vulnerable to theft. You should do your best and keep your bike safe. Install an anti-theft gadget and your job will become easier. Additionally, when you install a certified anti-theft device and then buy two wheeler insurance online, you are likely to get a discount on insurance premium.
  4. Servicing: Your bike needs to be cared for. So, if you feel a servicing session is long overdue, send it for servicing this Christmas.
  5. A professional clean-up: You surely clean your two-wheeler regularly with a lot of care, but that isn’t always enough. At times, you need to get it professionally cleaned. Why not gift your bike a good clean up this Christmas?
  6. A wash and wax spray: Getting a wash and wax spray done can give the bike a facelift. You can then continue to keep it sparkling clean and shining for a long time.
  7. An excellent engine oil: If you have been using an average-quality engine oil for your bike, you should step up this Christmas and get a very good quality engine oil.
  8. Color change and Graphics: You can get your bike painted in a new color and get some cool graphics on it as well.
  9. Accessories for you: You have a majestic bike, to ride it you need a majestic look too. Get some awesome biker jackets, gloves, shoes, etc. Also get a high-quality helmet and complete the look.
  10. An automobile association membership: If you have been waiting to join a rider’s club or an automobile association, get the membership this Christmas. You will find many benefits after that. You might get a discounted two wheeler insurance online due to this too.

In conclusion 

Keeping your bike safe and protected is of utmost importance. You need to therefore insure it. Research and choose from the best two wheeler insurance online plans and get the most suitable cover for your vehicle.


Buying two-wheeler insurance online is easy and quick. Make sure to read the inclusions and exclusions of the policy thoroughly before purchasing the policy. If you have any doubts, get them cleared by getting on call with the insurance executive. You can send an email as well. Also, one you purchase the policy, read the policy document carefully to check if all the details are mentioned correctly. If not, get them changed.


Keep the above-mentioned list in mind and make some smart purchases this Christmas. Have a great holiday and keep your bike and yourself safe and secured for the entire year!








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