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7 Money Saving Tips for Buying Two Wheeler Insurance This New Year  

New year brings along with it new promises and new dreams. If it has been your dream to own a two wheeler, maybe this is the perfect time to make it come true. Get yourself a great bike and a good insurance plan to cover it. You can find many attractive discount-related tips on your bike insurance policy by reading ahead.

Money saving tips for buying a two wheeler insurance plan

Here are some practical ways in which you can save money when you buy a new bike insurance plan this season:

  1. Look for dealer discounts: Since many people buy new bikes and scooters during the new year, there is a high demand for new bike insurance plans too. You are sure to find some very good deals from various vehicle dealers, who tie up with the various insurance providers. In most cases, the cost price of your vehicle will include the price of your two wheeler insurance plan. Scrutinize the numbers and see what price you are being charged for the plan. If you feel the insurance plan is costly, check with a different dealer. The best option is to purchase two-wheeler insurance online as they offer low-priced policies.
  2. Look for an apt model: You may have your eyes on a very fancy and large bike, but it helps to be practical here. Buy a bike that is attractive yet affordable. The fancier the bike, the costlier it will be. And the insurance cover will also be higher. So keep the cost factor in check. If you get a bike that’s less expensive, you will find an insurance plan that’s less expensive too. Insurance is a continuous expense, you have to keep renewing your policy from time to time.
  3. Compare: This holds true for all your insurance purchases, but more so for the new bike insurance purchase. When you look to buy a two wheeler plan, you must compare your options. You will then be able to find a great plan at a great cost.
  4. Choose the right cover: Analyze if you need a third party insurance plan or a comprehensive plan. You must therefore do your research and see which type of bike insurance you actually need. Make a purchase accordingly and you will be able to get the highest value for your money. The price of a comprehensive plan varies from one insurer to another.
  5. Pick suitable Add-ons: Bike insurance plan can have Add-ons as well. Make sure to pick only those Add-ons that meet your requirements. More the Add-ons, higher the cost of the policy. Note that Add-ons can only be picked with a comprehensive plan, not with just the third-party insurance plan
  6. Keep the available discounts in check: Certain factors directly impact your bike insurance premium. These include the No Claim Bonus and the Insured Declared Value. Make sure your insurance provider calculates these figures properly and offers you the right premium price on your comprehensive plan.
  7. Look for seasonal offers: Last but not the least, keep your eyes and ears open for the seasonal offers. To remain one step ahead in the race, many insurance companies offer unique deals and discounts on bike insurance during the festive season. Some enhance their basic coverage and offer it at the market price. Explore all these deals and find the one that suits you the best. You will end up with big savings this way.


Keep all the tips in mind and you will have a great two-wheeler insurance cover with you. Choose wisely and get the best deal. Check the figures properly to ensure you have the right premium. Get the best insurance plan and protect your precious bike. You will then be able to ride the two-wheeler with ease and satisfaction.

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